is a decision to give up all hope for a better past.
If you understand or conceive of the entire world as a manifestation of Spirit, then whatever we don't forgive is our statement that Spirit erred somewhere.   --Fred Luskin, Ph.D.
There is only one thing we can't change: the past.
We can change our present and our future, but the past is what it is.
Last update: 29 August, 2013
My workshops are  based on the work of Dr. Fred Luskin, who founded the Forgiveness Project at the Stanford University Medical School. They are most effective with groups of 10 to 20 people, although I can structure them for larger groups as well.

Forgiveness is both physically and psychologically life-enhancing. Having the skills to put grievances and old hurts firmly in the past reduces stress and increases contentment. The medical aspects of forgiveness are covered in the workshop.

The workshops comprise exercises, discussion and practice in a confidential, supportive, respectful environment, giving each person a "taste" of forgiveness  in his/her own situation.

The spiritual dimension of forgiveness is unique to each person. For some, it is tied to reconciliation or redemption; this may make it more difficult for someone to forgive a deep injury. For some, "forgive and forget" prevents forward motion; how can you forget pain? 

But forgiveness does not mean reconciliation. It does not mean forgetting. It benefits the person who forgives; the person being forgiven does not even have to know. You never have to see the person again; you don't have to forget the pain.

You simply need to decide to forgive the injury, to leave it in the past, and let it stop hurting you.

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Individual Sessions
I am happy to meet with you about forgiveness, individually or in small group discussions.

It is possible to set up ongoing discussion groups. My role is to help organize, develop your guidelines and facilitate once or twice to get you started.

To arrange an individual session or to find out more about discussion groups, contact me.